Rooftop Solar?   Grid Parity?   Death Spiral?

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Dec 02, 2015 to Dec 03, 2015 | Houston, TX
Dec 07, 2015 to Dec 09, 2015 | San Antonio, TX
Dec 08, 2015 to Dec 10, 2015 | Las Vegas, NV

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Five Principles for Tomorrow’s Electricity Sector

Just as net neutrality seeks to maintain a fair and open Internet, the concept of grid neutrality emphasizes a fair and open electricity network.

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Susan Ackerman, chair, Oregon PUC; Chris Nelson, vice-chairman, South Dakota PUC; Tim G. Echols...

How rooftop solar picks off the utility’s largest and most lucrative customers.

Let's make it clear also that affixing solar panels to your roof won't take you off-grid. Indeed...

How project developers form their bidding strategies – and what it means for prices and the industry.

Want to find out what utilities seek when collecting bids for wind and solar projects? Read on...

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Electricity in war today is akin to the railroads, dating from the Civil War: a high-value...

Understanding how PUC rate case findings differ from a utility’s financial reports.


Setting an allowed return on equity has consistently proven to be the most contentious and...

2015 Regulators Forum

Being in the “energy” business as a commissioner, staff, lobbyist or industry leader is hard...

Enterprise Management: Taking a wider view of asset management.

Utility executives today see few choices if they wish to achieve growth. Better scheduling can...

Ten points to remember for compliance and employee training.

Without a clear definition of market manipulation, or a detailed description for prohibited...

Integration beats islanding, anyway you slice it.

A microgrid is a throwback. It’s anathema to what we know about economies of scale. Integration...

2015 Regulators Forum

States that have coal-dependent economies will likely have more difficulty complying with the...

Steven D. Davis was elected to succeed Jessie J. Knight, Jr. as executive v.p. of external...

2015 Regulators Forum

Clearly, one of the most significant issues we face today is aging infrastructure. It’s akin to...

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Customer engagement at utilities is undergoing radical change. It’s a change being driven by heightened customer expectations, multichannel communications technology, and sophisticated platforms that foster mobile and web-based self-service options. In the utility call center, it all points to “... Read More