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This Fortnight

Either labor productivity is real low in residential solar, or …

The number of solar industry jobs, now said to be 209 thousand, is widely reported and cited.

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Security must be organizational – simply complying will leave you vulnerable.

Workforce Management: Because standards are aimed only at critical assets, cyber security must...

Fortnightly’s new chief reflects on his background and our principles.

The public interest is the coin of this realm.

Installing utility-scale, grid-connected battery storage.

Stories on installing grid-connected battery storage from AEP, Green Mountain Power, Imperial...

Your smart grid rollout should go live everywhere, right from the start.

Distribution Management: Any smart grid rollout will gain the greatest benefits if applied at...

In search of enlightened policy to build a solid business case.

A smart grid expert searches for a solid business case – and tells how to create enlightened...

Deciding whether to go forward with a second license renewal.

A majority of nuclear power plant operators already have received operating license renewals –...

Customer cost allocations using the Minimum Distribution System method.

Accounting and Rate Design: How to use the Minimum Distribution Method to allocate local grid...

OGE Energy appointed Sean Trauschke as chairman of the board. CenterPoint Energy named Brad...

The way forward, amidst new markets, technologies, and environmental imperatives.

NARUC’s incoming President – from the Montana PSC – shares his vision on how utility regulators...

Financing your energy-efficient, passive-house construction on a slim budget.

Net zero construction can be a cost effective investment even when compared to code-compliant...

Time-varying rates is an effective way to satisfy customer demands.

In the 21st century economy pivoted on customer choice, opt-in is the path to tread in the...

Answers to questions you were afraid to ask

Community solar is expected to jump fivefold. What exactly is it and how exactly does it work?...

Latest White Papers

How the electric utility industry is coping with the rise of Distributed Energy Resources
  The rise of distributed energy resources (DERs) is an exciting and interesting opportunity for customers, and a challenge and opportunity for the utilities and the organizations that regulate them.   In this white paper, West Monroe Partners takes a comprehensive look at the present and future... Read More