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Wind, nuclear, and gas resources must work together – not at cross-purposes.

Why the U.S. must maintain current levels of nuclear energy production to achieve carbon reduction goals.

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A strategy for completely removing mercury from environmental emissions.

Coal-fired power plants subject to EPA’s MATS rule can try a biological treatment option to...

Seeking a rate design that recovers costs fairly from customers with rooftop solar.

Load research data shows how utilities can levy a demand charge to recover costs fairly from...

Florida Power & Light Company partners with PetroQuest Energy to develop natural gas...

Chairmen were elected to the Edison Electric Institute, including Theodore Craver (Edison...

Recent trends in distribution line undergrounding.

Utility distribution lines increasingly are going underground, but costs are still prohibitive...

A new front opens in the solar wars.

Has Arizona Public Service found a way to cheat the death spiral?

Solar for Everyone, including Utilities

An independent system operator for the distribution network could open more opportunities for...

Time-varying rates from the get-go – not just by opt-in.

Default enrollment for time-varying rates, with an opt-out, will reduce peak demand and far more...

Integrating weather and GIS data for more accurate threat assessments.

Weather and GIS are being combined in new ways to provide better storm threat assessments -...

Wisconsin Energy to acquire Integrys in a transaction valued at $9.1 billion; Dominion to...

What FERC might learn from Thomas Piketty and his best-selling book on wealth and income.

Thomas Piketty’s best-selling book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” shows why utility...

Taking Resiliency One Step Further

An independent system operator for the distribution network could allow utilities to invest in...

Latest White Papers

Utilities have increased energy efficiency efforts due to many influencing factors. Discussion around smart meters and the energy efficiency benefits have changed focus from the basic role of the electricity meters, accuracy. Download this white paper to learn more about ANSI C12 standards and their need to keep pace with technology and remain relevant to the end user