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This Fortnight

Spoiler alert! Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle, Utilities Name Game, on page 71 of the May 2016 issue.


2. U of Wisconsin utility: mge

5. Brits in the northeast: nationalgrid

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The monopoly utility model was once expansive and revolutionary. Now, it is contracting and preservationist.

A plan for restructuring: Delivery service pricing reform; devolution of generation and re-...

How is it going?

Ann McCabe is a commissioner at the Illinois Commerce Commission.

An innovative approach to targeted retail aggregation.

No state has had the same initial success with municipal aggregation as Illinois, where more...

Rather than accept the rhetoric, let’s find out.

What’s missing is asking consumers to consider realistic tradeoffs between two characteristics...

Towards a consensus-based outline of how technological advances can be encouraged and risk-managed.

We need to more seriously and collaboratively explore concepts across stakeholder groups, to...

Two back-to-back decisions by the Supreme Court in 2016 will fundamentally redefine the jurisdictional split.

If the Supreme Court holds to the principles and logic of its ruling in EPSA, it will restore...

Trying to fix mandatory capacity markets like trying to win whack-a-mole.

FERC’s efforts to get capacity markets “right” have led to endless – and futile – tinkering. The...

Part I – Economy-wide Trends

The carbon dioxide emission reductions in the electric power sector have been the largest single...

With apologies to Dr. Seuss.

There are questions whether FERC and industry resources are being expended on matters once...

Organized markets will ensure the optimal number of bulbs are screwed in, at the marginal cost of bulb screwing.

How many utility commissioners does it take to screw in a light bulb?

The anti-growth, anti-people extremists who started the anti-nuclear movement were wrong.

If nuclear were subsidized at the same levels as solar and wind, or allowed to contribute to...

An important conduit from entrepreneurship to commercialization.

A need became apparent to bridge a gap between incubators and a successful product launch in a...

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The value of the electric grid has never been greater, but the challenges of realizing that value have never been stronger. In the near future, new technologies, distributed energy resources (DER) and the “grid of things” will demand an even more robust, reliable and resilient electric grid.  ... Read More