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Oct 13, 2015 to Oct 14, 2015 | Washington, DC
Oct 13, 2015 to Oct 15, 2015 | San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA
Nov 17, 2015 to Nov 18, 2015 | Toronto, Ontario

Other Top Stories

A reshuffling of the rankings. Is nuclear the cause?

Of the top ten movers in this year’s Fortnightly 40, seven utilities rose in the rankings and three went down. But the utilities moving the most from 2013 to 2014 went down hard.

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As it relates to cyber security, the existing regulatory paradigm falls short and provides inadequate protection to the electric grid.

Given the dynamic nature of cyber threats, we should ask ourselves whether mandatory reliability...

Texas program succeeds, but faces sunset.

A program in Texas is helping low-income customers benefit from energy savings devices that...

A network of networks – in search of an orchestrator.

The Energy Cloud will change the way we generate, store, and consume energy by changing from a...

In New York it’s where we’re staking our energy future.

Disruptive technologies such as microgrids and battery storage devices are commendable but they...

Five Principles for Tomorrow’s Electricity Sector

Just as net neutrality seeks to maintain a fair and open Internet, the concept of grid...

Economic disruption and the future of electric utilities.

Other industries deregulated and it reduced prices and encouraged innovation. What happened to...

Car-charging could and should be an industry separate from traditional utility activities.

When the Wright brothers took to the air, they did not worry that one day new industries would...

Energy Efficiency under EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan.

Energy efficiency remains the most cost-effective route to compliance with the Clean Power Plan...

James H. Lash, was named executive v.p. of FirstEnergy Corp. and president, FirstEnergy...

How much of a $100 billion market in electric vehicles can utilities capture – or afford not to?

Electric transportation can be the utility sector’s growth engine — $100 billion or more per...

Some may wince at the term, but let’s not run away.

Anti-smart meter activists may be gaining some traction, while those with a stake in educating...

It has already changed the utility and manufacturing industries.

In a free market society, it would only seem logical to allow the ‘unrestricted’ flow of goods...

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Customer engagement at utilities is undergoing radical change. It’s a change being driven by heightened customer expectations, multichannel communications technology, and sophisticated platforms that foster mobile and web-based self-service options. In the utility call center, it all points to “... Read More