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Sep 21, 2016 | University of Missouri - Columbia, MO

This Fortnight

Times didn’t note Mississippi residential rates are 9.2% lower than last year and 11.4% below national average.

We urge The New York Times and others to take greater care if and when they’re inclined to blame electric bills for poverty and layoffs. These are scourges for which there are multiple...

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Play Station Controls Guide Robot on Concrete Inspection Trips

EPRI has designed a robot for inspecting hard-to-reach concrete surfaces. A robotic inspection...

Threat to nearly one-fifth of our nation’s ninety-nine reactors is real

Individually, these closures are understandable financial decisions. But the cumulative impact...

As we head towards a fixed cost electricity system

All costs are fixed. All costs are variable. How is that possible? As Albert Einstein might say...

Building Competitive Advantage for Grid of the Future

The pace and impact of change in the energy industry are unrelenting. Utilities must rethink...

Why $3.3 Billion Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline Was Defeated

It’s a David and Goliath story. But instead of a slingshot, David in this case fired off a stiff...

We talked with John Hargrove, CEO of the Association of Energy Services Professionals.

John Hargrove has led the Association of Energy Professionals since March 2015. Previously,...

We talked with Ken Gerling, vice president of transmission projects at Burns & McDonnell.

During his twenty-five-years at Burns & McDonnell, Ken Gerling has managed transmission...

We talked with FERC Commissioner Tony Clark, who has said he will not seek a second term.

Commissioner Clark is serving his first term at FERC and formerly served as a member of the...

Harmonics Studies Needed to Assess Vulnerabilities

NERC recently issued reliability standards in response to the potential for geomagnetic...

Ensuring State Emission Reduction in Clean Power Plan

Strong public policy favors giving states credit for the carbon reductions they make while the...

Growing Impacts of Residential Solar on Utility Customer Service

What does PV mean for utilities’ residential customer service operations? From helping customers...

The Carbon Paradigm Shift

The telephone companies dumped land lines for cellular, and prospered, thanks to their size,...

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What is the state and future of the electric utility industry? That’s a broad topic, much discussed and debated. This special report takes a unique approach to getting a handle on our present and where we’re heading.
Editor-in-Chief Steve Mitnick conducted a roundtable interview with Navigant’s leading industry experts focusing on topics like renewables, distributed energy resources (DER), and how the Energy Cloud is transforming the industry and becoming a priority for C-level utility executives. Jan Vrins, ... Read More