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Are regulators managing market manipulation?

Some will stray from ethical behavior. But markets must be regulated to maintain confidence.

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Uncle Sam didn’t frack this one up.

Technological progress can be function of productive public-private partnerships that help...

Can EPA’s Clean Power Plan Pass Muster?

The Clean Power Plan’s fate may hinge on whether the federal government is seen as usurping...

Sonoma Clean Power will build the largest floating solar array in the U.S., scheduled to be...

Are regulators managing market manipulation?

Some will stray from ethical behavior. But markets must be regulated to maintain confidence.

The shale gas boom is creating jobs and saving money for U.S. manufacturers.

We hear a lot about dry natural gas used to fuel electric generators. But we hear less about wet...

A consumer model that compounds public benefits.

Natural gas used for electric generation is running headfirst into the lack of sufficient...

Why some proceedings blow up, while others reach consensus.

The core of a good regulatory proceeding is a conversation.

CLEAResult named David Mehok CFO; Dominion East Ohio named v.p. Jeff Murphy its top executive;...

New York aims to Reform its Energy Vision. For technology companies, it’s a dream come true.

New York State is now rethinking its regulatory in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, and it expects...

The U.S. steel and chemical industries are among those benefiting from natural gas production.

The shale gas boom isn’t just for drillers and power generators. It’s also for manufacturers and...

Customer Connection: How to win over customers on energy efficiency.

New Research into energy efficiency, smart grid technologies and renewables will have utilities...

A look back from year 2050 – on what we thought we once knew.

A decentralized form of electricity generation and delivery is becoming commonplace – and the...

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Data analysis reveals three dynamics that are reshaping the energy industry
In ‘Beyond Integration: Three dynamics reshaping renewables and the grid,’ a recent global industry research initiative, DNV GL, the world’s largest resource of independent energy experts, gathered views from over 1,600 energy sector participants across more than 70 countries. The study addressed... Read More