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Sep 21, 2016 | University of Missouri - Columbia, MO

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Germany is clearly embracing renewables, but reduction of climate change gases seems secondary.

The US Energy Department reported last week that Germany, notwithstanding its renewables rep, is still a coal country.

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Owning gas reserves benefits consumers?

Regulators should start with the premise that long-term contracting with an independent gas...

Why trying to fix mandatory capacity markets is like trying to win a game of Whack-A-Mole (Parts I & II)

FERC has little to show for more than a decade of tinkering with mandatory capacity markets.

Minnesota, Oregon, New York case studies

Minnesota, Oregon and New York are certainly not alone in testing shared solar models. But the...

It takes Hogarth to pull down a massive off-switch to disconnect and save Iron Giant and protect grid assets.

Tesla and Edison have been depicted in a number of films over the years. “The Secret of Nikola...

Innovating Like Edison: Utility workers with superpowers?

Smart meters are a reality but are smart poles and smart helmets right behind them? Often in the...

After 20 years of consolidation, the industry looks distinctly different.

Today the focus has returned to building scale, as well as enhancing market access, financial...

Trying to fix mandatory capacity markets like trying to win at Whack-A-Mole, Part II

The proposals do not mandate participation in mandatory auction markets, much less try to set...

Part 2 – Electric Power Sector

Shifts in the generation mix in recent years have had an enormous impact on carbon dioxide...

What’s the price tag of banning fracking?

Ironically, a ban on fracking would increase coal generation, which emits carbon dioxide at...

Participation rates, customers’ bills, meaningful choice

Retail choice might have reduced retail electricity prices if it allowed customers to escape...

And why it matters.

Leveraging high performance conductors has become particularly important today. They not only...

Annual formula rate is working to stabilize distribution ratemaking.

A lot has been said of alternative ratemaking approaches. The clearest, most direct path is what...

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The value of the electric grid has never been greater, but the challenges of realizing that value have never been stronger. In the near future, new technologies, distributed energy resources (DER) and the “grid of things” will demand an even more robust, reliable and resilient electric grid.  ... Read More