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Strategy & Planning

Boardroom Focus: Bringing Insight to Oversight

How to use the board of directors to build a more resilient enterprise.

Tim Gardner and Eric Spiegel

Utility boards face great uncertainty, heightening the importance of communication between directors and management.

The Bigger CIS Picture

Data Mining and Warehousing: Many utilities have no ability to turn raw customer information into significant insights about their business.

Bill Barnett

The customer-information system (CIS) is the system of record for both customer and meter data, and in combination with asset databases, these information repositories comprise the lifeblood of every utility. They usually are not tuned for analysis or for easy reporting, so a single view of the customer and the business processes surrounding the customer does not exist in most of the systems in use today. Many utilities, as a result, are data rich but information poor. Enter the Data Warehouse.

Energy-Tech Venture Capital: The Next Disruptive Technology

New ideas that may transform the utilities industry.

Rodrigo Prudencio

With energy innovation growing as a percentage of overall venture capital activity, investors are placing bets on which technologies will emerge as the big winners.

Flexibility: Key to Success When Outsourcing Information Technology

Paul Sweeny

In the utility industry's brave new world of deregulation, information technology (IT) (em and, specifically, "outsourcing" (em has acquired an entirely new meaning.

IT has become strategic. And important. So important that utility companies are seeking outside expertise to help them leverage technology to conduct business more efficiently, help grow revenues, and hone their edge in the new competitive world. Time has become an unaffordable luxury.

Cooperative Outsourcing: Securing Value from Information Technology

Ken Scott

As competitive pressures push utilities to look for new ways to do business, outsourcing the information technology (IT) function becomes increasingly attractive. By contracting for outside IT services, utilities can reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The decision to outsource, however, now goes beyond cost-cutting considerations. Companies are just as likely to turn to outsourcing when they want to concentrate on new business opportunities or dramatically change their overall structure.