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Global Power Projects: Evaluating Market Potential

Fortnightly Magazine - September 1 1995

targets for privatization in South America.

My prognosis for the future of independent power in the next 10 years is extremely positive. Competent project development involves a huge amount of very hard work (em especially in government relations (em but the rewards are there. The next 10 years will see a bankable demand for more than $500 billion in new generating capacity. Most of that ought to go to U.S. companies. Whether it does will depend on the wisdom with which U.S. power consortia organize and conduct themselves and the extent to which President Clinton's national security policies toward Asia become more realistic. I am optimistic about the former, less so about the latter. t

Robert C. McFarlane was President Reagan's national security advisor from 1983-85. He is currently founder and chairman of The Asian Energy Corp., which has four independent power projects under development.


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