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California's Scheduling Coordinator: Market-Maker with Advantage

Fortnightly Magazine - January 15 1998

subjective at best.

12 For example, the ISO must use incremental bids when load is increased and must use decremental bids when load is decreased, which allows an entity to dump (take) power on the grid and wait for a higher (lower) price to result, making the real-time market unstable. A solution is to use both incremental and decremental bids to set market price regardless of whether load is increasing or decreasing. The ISO is now examining this issue.

13 FERC Conditions, p. 210.

14 "To prevent the Companies from withholding capacity and thereby causing prices to rise, we find unit availability standards to be an appropriate response. We direct the ISO and PX each to file availability standards with the Commission as part of the mitigation proposal as soon as practicable." FERC Conditions, p. 234.

15 FERC Conditions, p. 235.


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