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Powerline Telecommunications: Mission Impossible?

PLT: History of Developments and Debacles
Fortnightly Magazine - July 1 2000

shutter the microwave emitter through the q switches, then we really don't know how much signal strength or attenuation happens over the line or how much amplification we needed to palm. We needed basic clocking and emission power ratios before we could do actual power factor correction on the overall emissions. …

With these companies we have working with us, we have also got a large research institute and Department of Energy labs that [are] helping us with some of the ground-breaking prototyping so that we can integrate these systems.

How do you respond to engineers who say magnetic fields can not become "wave guides," as published in your patent?

Magnetic fields are not that well-understood by general engineers. When you talk about a magnetic field, they generally look at the simple diagrams that they studied where it shows electron flow in one axis and magnetic field in a second axis. In other words, if you looked at a sine wave, you might see the sine wave through the XY coordinate, and you might see the magnetic field acting in the Z coordinate. Well, the bottom line is that nobody at this time has worked on a device that was very sensitive to magnetic anomalies.

But guess who has worked on devices like that: Medical doctors use magnetic resonance imaging machines all the time to look at the variations of movement of electrons and magnetic fluctuations to detect bone fracture or the presence of cancer. A person that is not familiar with that type of atomic engineering would not understand that process.

So magnetic fields can become "wave guides"?

No, what I am saying that magnetic fields can be manipulated, and if they can be manipulated or anyway oscillated, then that, in fact, can cause disturbances in other types of energy around. Like the patent says, … when the magnetic field rises and falls in a [continuum], you may propagate other kinds of energy like electrons. That is how we generate electricity. … The magnetic field allows you to manipulate other types of energy so that the magnetic field could be considered as a wave guide or could be considered as the exciter to a propagation of energy like alternating current or DC or any other type of electrical energy.

What about engineers who say there are no such things as frequency levels?

Well, if there weren't such thing as frequency levels, there would be no spectrum auctions.

Relative to your technology?


What about engineers who refute your patent's claim that there are no atomic transitions within magnetic fields?

If there is a scientist that can prove that, I will take my hat off to them. Even the guys who won Nobel prizes, in the last 100 years, 80 percent were awarded by new discoveries regarding magnetics. We are in the process of reducing our patent to practice. What that means is that we are actually developing the components and devices that have to be integrated so that our system can be operated and we can detect all the things that