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Fortnightly Magazine - November 1 2000

the doors of this building and walk down the street and talk to the people who aren't wearing suits … you would find … there's a majority opinion in San Diego right now to return to traditional command-and-control cost-of-service rate making …

[But] I don't feel I'm in a position to push one approach or another right now. I think that's the job of the legislature and the governor.

Hoecker: I take your answer to mean that you're not sure whether cost-based rates will solve this supply problem here in California?

Wood: I would just like to quote from the statement from the governor …

"While I remain hopeful that California wholesale markets may ultimately become competitive … I cannot and will not accept the liabilities to California that result from the current situation, even for a short period. I intend to take any and all steps necessary to restore economic stability to the electric service infrastructure of California."

And you know, of course [that] I will defer to the governor who appointed me. Anyway, from a personal level that is my position precisely.

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