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Fortnightly Magazine - February 1 2002

European Power Forum: New Rules, New Players

Top executives and regulators discuss European liberalization and U.S. investment opportunities overseas.

Going Global: The Top 10 Risks

What utilities ought to know before doing business overseas.
Charles W. Thurston writes on international finance, infrastructure and technology from Willow, New York.

What utilities ought to know

Europes' Retail Markets: Building a Better Mousetrap?

Many have failed to attract customers in trying to bundle energy with other retail products. The Europeans may have found the right model.
Alex Briones is a principal with Booz Allen in the energy group, based in London. Matthew McKenna is a partner with Booz Allen in the energy group, based in Houston. Neil McArthur is a partner with Booz Allen in the energy group, based in Amsterdam.

Forgetting Someone, Mr. Secretary?

The DOE's new hydrogen car initiative won't get very far without electric utilities.

It was a "classic" publicity event-long on vision, but short on substance. There he was, the Secretary of the Department of Energy (DOE), Spencer Abraham, standing toe-to-toe with each of the heads of the "Motown Three." The big announcement, on Jan. 9, was that the DOE and the nation's carmakers would create a public-private partnership to promote hydrogen as a primary fuel for cars and trucks, as part of America's effort to reduce its dependence on foreign oil.


Enron's fall finds FERC toying with cost-based rates. But let's temper the nostalgia.
AEP Power Marketing Inc., 97 FERC ¶61,219,

Off Peak

No bibliography ever looked so good.
Leading the Revolution

Western Europe: The New Hot Spot

New energy demands are testing power supplies and creating new opportunities for power plant development in some countries.
Power Markets