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Fortnightly Magazine - March 15 2002

The Commission: The Market's Eye-in-the-Sky?

FERC's plan to expand into energy market-monitoring faces many challenges.
David O. Jermain

So, You Want to be a Retail Energy Marketer?

Retail energy markets entail a unique set of risk management challenges.
See Figure 1

David A. Foti and Martin F. Nellius III

Politically Inelastic?

Electric pricing issues are hard to overcome.

Do politicians really mean what they say when they call for competitive markets in electricity at the wholesale and retail levels? Rivals of California Gov. Gray Davis champion competitive electric markets. But what if, after elections, California markets are then fixed (with unanimous consent), and prices continue to be high? Will that politician still stand behind competitive markets?


Public Utilities Fortnightly


Matthew Joyce is a research associate at E Source, a membership-based research and advisory organization that is part of Platts. E Source specializes in critical strategic, marketing, and technology issues deriving from utility restructuring that face utilities, competitive entities, and customers.


News Analysis

A leaner bureaucracy sharpens its market-monitoring tools.
Mark Hand is senior editor at Public Utilities Fortnightly.

News Analysis


Off Peak

Pack journalists feed off PG&E letter.

Off Peak

March 15 , 2002

Digital Terrorism: Holes in the Firewall?

Plugging cyber security holes isn't as easy as everyone wants to think.
Jennifer Alvey