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Off Peak

The customer is always right.
Fortnightly Magazine - May 15 2002

billing and that I cannot have my monthly bill debited automatically.

I am looking for another gas marketer. -Sandra H. S., Atlanta, Ga.

March 27, 2002
Dear Editor:
The Georgia Legislature is once again succumbing to big-money interests in its woefully inadequate legislation that supposedly corrects the natural gas deregulation fiasco perpetrated on Georgians since 1999.

Perhaps excuses could be made for the original legislation: overexuberance in believing free-market and deregulation hype, or perhaps just plain ignorance. Such claims cannot now be made, however. Deregulation has been an abject failure for most Georgians.

I ask every legislator in Georgia to look in the mirror and ask just whose interests they are serving. Are they serving the average residents of Georgia, or are they far more interested in serving the wealthy and the powerful? The answer is becoming more obvious every day. I also urge all Georgians to contact their legislators and tell them what they think of their vote concerning natural gas deregulation. -Jim G., Grayson, Ga.

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