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Fortnightly Magazine - June 1 2002

Electricity Restructuring is No License for Central Planning

RTOs will perpetuate regional monopolies and political rate regulation.

Wayne C. Crews and Fred L. Smith

Economists sometimes get confused - especially when the real world doesn't fit into their neat boxes.

The Top 10

The Ten Most Intriguing Business Decisions in the Post-Enron World.

10. Exelon throws in the towel on pebble bed; 9. Exelon, Entergy, Dominion ready to do the rounds on traditional nuclear; 8. AES wants out of Cilcorp marriage; 7. New-look Aquila goes hunting ...

Distributed Generation: Hype vs. Hope

Separating myth from reality in identifying DG applications.

Jonathan A. Lesser, Ph.D. and Charles D. Feinstein, Ph.D.

Technological breakthroughs in distributed generation have not materialized as quickly as expected. Furthermore, manufacturers have continued to improve traditional generation technologies. So what role can DG play?

Standby Generation: A New Proposition

A cost/benefit analysis of full interconnection of customer-owned standby generators.

Joshua Meyer, John Farls, and Dennis Troester

Investigating the economic impact of interconnecting a backup generator with a utility-owned power system.

CEO Power Forum: Leadership and Credibility in Uncertain Times

The leaders of the electric power industry greatly want to put a positive spin on the current state of affairs in their business.

Mark Hand

Enron’s bankruptcy and California’s failed restructuring experience, as well as credit and shareholder concerns, are preventing senior executives from spending adequate time on developing new growth opportunities for their companies and lobbying for electric industry competition.

Strategy Gurus: Managing Under Chaos

Post-Enron management philosophies for surviving uncertain times.

Jennifer Alvey

Dynegy’s Chuck Watson, and other market strategists, talk management philosophy.

Energy Execs: Not Everybody Gets Top Dollar

Compensation is still inconsistent, especially compared with other industries.

Richard Stavros

A review of CEO and middle management compensation for 2001 finds that salaries are still inconsistent with other industries.

Energy Earnings and FASB: A Volatile Mix

Understanding how the "normal purchase and sale exclusion" under FASB 133 affects earnings volatility.

Mike Walker

Understanding how FASB 133 can affect earnings.

Derivatives in the Boardroom?

Positioning the risk professional in the corporate hierarchy.

David C. Shimko

The complexity of energy business deals begs the need for a new type of corporate officer.

Bursting The Bubble

Merchants' trading volumes and revenue are still too inflated.

Richard Stavros

In the post-Enron world, many continue to question the legitimacy of the practice of inflating revenues through the trading business to bolster the company's financial picture.