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Fortnightly Magazine - June 1 2002

Derivatives in the Boardroom?

Positioning the risk professional in the corporate hierarchy.
David C. Shimko


Bursting The Bubble

Merchants' trading volumes and revenue are still too inflated.

Merchant energy trading and marketing certainly has represented a valuable earnings growth vehicle to many utilities. That much is certain. But in the post-Enron world, many continue to question the legitimacy of the practice of inflating revenues through the trading business to bolster the company's financial picture. At least that's the view of the Petroleum Finance Company (PFC), which recently conducted a study called "Distorting Reality? Inflated Sales of Energy Traders."


Even a very small percentage of reduction in consumption could have helped avert such interruptions of service.



Dear Editor:

Electricity Restructuring is No License for Central Planning

RTOs will perpetuate regional monopolies and political rate regulation.

Wayne C. Crews and Fred L. Smith

Economists sometimes get confused - especially when the real world doesn't fit into their neat boxes.

Off Peak

Off Peak

June 1 , 2002

Distributed Generation: Hype vs. Hope

Separating myth from reality in identifying DG applications.
Jonathan A. Lesser, Ph.D. and Charles D. Feinstein, Ph.D.


Standby Generation: A New Proposition

A cost/benefit analysis of full interconnection of customer-owned standby generators.
Joshua Meyer, John Farls, and Dennis Troester

Leadership and Credibility in Uncertain Times

James Ferland Chairman, President, and CEO of Public Service Enterprise Group
Mark Hand

"One lesson, of course, is you can't raise prices too high, too fast. I think that's clear. You get what I call the French Revolution syndrome."

Strategy Gurus: Managing Under Chaos

Post-Enron management philosophies for surviving uncertain times.
Jennifer Alvey