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Fortnightly Magazine - June 15 2002

Managing the Telecom Value Curve

There are opportunities for utilities despite the telecom market correction of 2001 and 2002.
Robert H. Picchi


Let's Be More Positive About Natural Gas!

There will be ample U.S. natural gas supplies to support a 30 Tcf market by 2010.
Henry R. Linden


Barbarians at the Gates

FERC... SEC... CFTC...Congress ... Ratings Agencies... Stockholders... Bondholders... Private Equity Investors?

No one has yet quantified or qualified the devastation to industry reputation, electric competition, or energy companies' future earnings power caused by the current round of energy trading scandals that is shaking the industry to its core.


So-called 'round-trip trades' and what FERC should do about it.
Mark T. Williams is a visiting scholar at Boston University, and a principal of Boston-based Minuteman Energy Consulting LLC. He can be reached at 617-358-2789.


Steady again, as new paradigm takes hold.
Andy Roberts is a Principal with Platts Research and Consulting.




Congress needs to uphold the president's designation for a nuclear waste disposal site.
William T. McCormick, Jr., chairman and CEO, CMS Energy

News Analysis

State public service commissions are insisting that utilities adopt risk management programs, and are allowing less pass-through for those that don't.
Charles W. Thurston

Off Peak

A review of endless impossibilities.

Off Peak

June 15 , 2002

Enrob Annual Report 2001.

A review of endless impossibilities.

Enrob sure took its time releasing its 2001 annual report. It arrived in the Fortnightly's mailbox in May, a good month or two later than other Fortune 500 companies released their 2001 financial performance reviews.

Gas Turbinemania: The Merchant Power Plant

Why it happened? Who lost in the bust? Who will survive to build another turbine?
Robert L. Sansom and A. Michael Schaal

Why it happened? Who lost in the bust? Who will survive to build another turbine?

The period from late 2001 to April 2002 witnessed a classic industry shakeout as a result of a merchant power development sector that became too ambitious in its power plant development plans.