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Low-Tech vs. High-Tech AMP: The 21st Century IT Debate

Some want to cut costs, others to improve service.
Fortnightly Magazine - September 15 2002

of 320,000 advanced meters and the implementation of time-of-use should provide an indication that customers are not against dynamic pricing," the ICF report says.

Schoettle, on a cynical note, suspects that some utilities that are happy with mobile AMR are really just trying to put in the dumbest thing they can get away with simply to reduce billing costs. "That approach is a great approach if you are still running in a fully regulated environment. If that is the mindset that they are taking-that is fine. But that does not really help the bulk of the system. It doesn't help reduce utilities' long-term risk, or their long-term exposure to price spikes, and it doesn't help their customers," Schoettle says.

But if you are discussing keeping customers happy while reducing the cost base, Schoettle says utilities must recognize that to reduce its peakers or power imports, they will need to ask the end user to become part of the solution. "You now have to look at the efficiency of the end user in addition to the efficiency of the system."

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