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Field-Force Management: What's New for the Mobile Workforce?

How the maturation of location tracking can increase efficiency.

Fortnightly Magazine - May 2006

from the mobile workforce.

Security of Mobile Applications

Security is a top priority anytime sensitive information is being exchanged over networks. Wireless networks have their own data-encryption facilities, but only over the individual networks. Internet-based services do not facilitate security functions. To provide secure and reliable services requires an end-to-end integration. Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) for Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) provides client and server authentication, and allows for encryption between a handheld device and the WAP gateway.

For mobile workforce management systems to add value for both management and field personnel, they must be convenient and easy to use. A user friendly application allows the utility to take maximum advantage of the unique features of mobile devices so users can access any type of information needed to perform and close-out assigned work.

Companies that take advantage of mobile technology advancements and extend these mobile systems across their enterprise will achieve efficiencies and flexibilities that enable them to better compete in their markets.