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Can We Afford Climate Regulation?

Lawmakers are rushing a costly decision.

Fortnightly Magazine - December 2009

El Paso Electric and others will be planning for, and realizing, a future vision that concurrently lowers GHG emissions, maintains system reliability and minimizes the burden on consumers and the economy. The U.S. utility industry has operated in much the same manner, with heavy reliance on fossil fuels, for the better part of the past century. Wholesale changes to that business model are inevitable but won’t be realized overnight, and clearly have the potential to be very costly to consumers if rushed to execution. As with all successful endeavors, thoughtful planning will be 90 percent of this effort.

So it seems only appropriate that continued rigorous debate prior to the passing of legislation is needed to ensure that the best interests of all stakeholders in this debate, and the environment, are ultimately served, and that end-user consumers in particular aren’t asked to carry a potentially crushing financial burden squarely on their backs. Can we afford to do anything else?



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