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Beyond Intermittency

Forecasting brings wind energy under control.

Fortnightly Magazine - May 2010

happened by accident.”



1. Eastern Wind Integration Study , prepared by EnerNex Corp. for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, January 2010 .

2. NERC’s Integration of Variable Generation Task Force (IVGTF) completed its draft report ( NERC IVGTF Task 2.1 Report ) on forecasting variable generation for operations and presented it during a NERC meeting in March 2010. At this writing, the NERC operating committee hadn’t yet approved the task force’s recommendations. Fortnightly reviewed the embargoed draft report for this article.

3. 130 FERC ¶ 61.053, Docket RM10-11-000, “Integration of Variable Energy Resources,” Issued Jan. 21, 2010.

4. See Central Wind Power Forecasting Programs in North America by Regional Transmission Organizations and Electric Utilities , Exeter Associates under contract to U.S. DOE/National Renewable Energy Laboratory, December 2010 .