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Fortnightly Magazine - June 2010

it’s not being used, and then be charged up again at a different time. Frankly, I think the robust type of system and the battery technology to support that is further down the road. So there’s more work to be done to understand what circumstances would create a commercially viable scenario for V2G.

In the near term it’s really about the environmental and efficiency benefits of EVs. They’re a much more efficient means of propulsion, and you’re able to use off-peak charging, which improves overall system utilization and efficiency. Plus it marries well with some of the most ubiquitous renewable resources, wind power.


Fortnightly: I know the smart grid is still evolving, and the first generation of EVs won’t have all the features that are on the drawing board. For SCE’s planning purposes, how far out do you see those things coming together?

Craver, SCE:  They’re kind of hitting the deck at the same time. Software that’s being installed in smart meters right now could interface with home-area networks and ultimately with EVs. The vehicles have a fair amount of electronics on board for interfacing with chargers, so I’d say they’re mutually reinforcing each other.– SA