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Fortnightly Magazine - September 2010

trading systems, announced the OMIP market commenced live operation using Trayport’s GlobalVision exchange trading system. That system replaced OMIP’s previous trading platform and will support the MIBEL Derivatives Market. Using the GlobalVision system, OMIP will start offering inter-period and inter-product spreads driven by Trayport’s industry-leading spread functionality and also introduce a range of new opening and closing auctions. For OMIP’s members, the GlobalVision system provides the option of accessing the OMIP market through a dedicated front end or the Trayport GlobalVision Trading Gateway.


United Conveyor Corp. (UCC) has been awarded a turnkey contract at PPL’s Montour power plant in Washingtonville, Pa., for two dry sorbent injection (DSI) systems. The announcement follows UCC’s recent acquisition of O’Brien & Gere’s DSI technologies business. The Montour plant is replacing an existing wet SO3 removal system with DSI technology to improve overall reliability and lower operating costs. UCC performed computational fluid dynamic (CFD) predictive modeling and applied its predictive modeling database to ensure effective SO3 removal performance and operation reliability. The new systems will be installed on two 750-MW units with project completion scheduled for late 2010. The 1,500-MW Montour plant uses advanced environmental control technologies, including flue-gas scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators and selective catalytic reduction.

Puget Sound Energy completed construction of a new fish hatchery and an advanced upstream trap-and-haul facility on the North Cascades’ Baker River, projects expected to further increase the river’s salmon populations. The new facilities follow PSE’s 2007-’08 construction of an innovative floating surface collector (FSC) on Baker Lake that lures and safely captures juvenile salmon for downstream transport around PSE’s two Baker River hydroelectric dams. The 1,000-ton, semi-submerged FSC set new records in 2009 and 2010 for outmigration of juvenile salmon. This spring, an all-time high of more than 520,000 fingerling salmon, mostly sockeye, were collected by the FSC and transported downstream. In addition to building a new, larger fish hatchery on the Baker River, PSE is upgrading its nearby sockeye spawning beach. The man-made, 20-year-old beach—essentially a series of large, gravel-bottom pools with spring-fed water circulating through them—provides a controlled, predator-free environment for adult sockeye to lay and fertilize their eggs.

Renewvia Energy Corp. , in cooperation with Aha Macav Power Services (AMPS) and Clean Energy Capital , began operating a 4-kW solar-test facility located on the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation, which spans areas in California, Arizona and Nevada. As an initial step, the test facility is collecting valuable production data on the latest thin-film solar modules from Sharp Solar , while providing power to the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe through the AMPS electrical grid. When testing is completed, Renewvia says the partnership will create one of the largest solar thin-film photovoltaic farms in the United States. Renewvia teamed with AMPS to build the module test facility at a capital cost of $80 million, while in discussions to finalize a joint venture with the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe to develop a 24.4-MW solar-farm installation.

The U.S. DOE selected 10 projects aimed at developing advanced technologies for capturing carbon dioxide (CO 2) from coal combustion. The projects, valued at