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Fortnightly Magazine - November 2010

M3-S can manage data from different types of devices—metering gas, electricity, water, heat and street lighting—in a single infrastructure using cellular, low power RF ZigBee or power line carrier connections. The AirPrime WMP100 module combines embedded processor capability and wireless connectivity.

Cleveland Utilities , an electric, water and wastewater utility located in Cleveland, Tenn., chose Elster’s EnergyAxis smart grid solution to deliver electric services to its customer base, as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s smart grid plan. The system will form a network of 29,000 electric meters at residential and commercial and industrial locations. Over the next three years, Elster REX2 and A3 Alpha electricity meters will be deployed to provide Cleveland Utilities with advanced metering infrastructure.

HP announced that CEZ Group , an electricity generation, distribution and trade conglomerate based in the Czech Republic, has signed a $20.6 million, two-year application services agreement to implement an advanced meter management (AMM) pilot program. Under the agreement, HP will lead a consortium of companies to deploy more than 40,000 smart meters. The AMM pilot program also allows CEZ Group to collect and manage data from meters supplied by four vendors, in preparation for deployment of the full-scale AMM project. HP Utility Center software will supervise the distribution network for event and alarm management.

Mergers & Acquisitions

GE acquired substantially all the assets of Calnetix Power Solutions (CPS), a Florida-based company that develops innovative technology for small-scale, waste heat-to-power projects. The technology captures waste heat from industrial processes to generate electricity, increasing efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of various types of engines, biomass boilers and gas turbines. The acquired business will be integrated into GE’s Jenbacher gas engine business, based in Jenbach, Austria.

GE signed a contract to acquire Dresser, a global energy infrastructure technology and service provider. The $3 billion deal adds to GE’s portfolio Dresser’s technologies for gas engines, control and relief valves, measurement, regulation and control solutions for gas and fuel distribution.

SunEdison, a subsidiary of MEMC Electronic Materials , announced the sale to First Reserve of a 70 MW photovoltaic power plant located in Northeast Italy, near the town of Rovigo. When completed in the fourth quarter of 2010, the Rovigo plant is expected to be the largest operating solar power plant in Europe. SunEdison and Banco Santander jointly developed and co-owned the Rovigo plant. First Reserve acquired Rovigo plant through the previously announced joint venture between First Reserve Energy and SunEdison. SunEdison is a minority investor. The total price for the sale is expected to be approximately €276 million. After the sale, SunEdison will manage the ongoing operations and maintenance of the Rovigo plant.

Storage & EVs

Puget Sound Energy President Kimberly Harris told a gathering of elected officials, transportation planners and auto-industry representatives that the utility is prepared to support the integration of plug-in electric vehicles (EV) into Western Washington’s transportation system. During a one-day regional workshop in late September at PSE’s Bellevue headquarters, Harris said PSE intends to actively help manufacturers, municipalities and electric-vehicle purchasers enhance their deployment of plug-in automobiles as the