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Smart Grid in America and Europe (Part II)

Past accomplishments and future plans.

Fortnightly Magazine - February 2011

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14. In early 2010, Italy had an estimated 30 million installations. See McKinsey Report , supra note 1, at 13. Yet by the same time, the U.S. only had 6.7 million advanced ,metering infrastructure meters installed as compared to the more than 50 million projected installations. U.S. Smart Grid Report , supra note 6, at 14.

15. McKinsey states that the E.U. has a higher level of grid automation than the U.S., but has lagged in meter implementation. McKinsey Report , supra note 1, at 49. Perhaps this is true as compared to E.U.’s overall potential for installing smart meters. In hard numbers however Europe has achieved impressive penetration especially in comparison to the U.S. Italy has reached almost 100 percent, compared to Pennsylvania—the highest in the U.S.—with only 23.9 percent. U.S. Smart Grid Report , supra note 6, at 26.

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