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Electric Avenue

Connecting vehicles to smart systems.

Fortnightly Magazine - October 2011

one-to-one relationships among the parties in any scalable fashion. As has been proven in industries as diverse as air travel and software development, scaling the system requires a middle tier that integrates the ecosystem while enabling the participants to set their own processes and rules that govern the interaction.

Upon receiving a new EV, the driver would need to register the connected vehicle through a consumer portal. At such time, the driver would identify the providers within the individual ecosystem. This process might involve drop down menus that include utilities and other companies and providers that participate within the EV ecosystem, and also include insurance, infotainment and a host of other options. In short, the owner would personalize the driver experience and identify the ecosystem of the day. This could be altered through web portals very easily, creating message flows across secure environments that comprise the EV ecosystem of ICT systems.

Connected vehicle service packages from automakers are rapidly maturing to include the very capabilities noted here, but this process needs to include a wider range of ecosystem participants. Taking advantage of these connected vehicle systems to inform and educate the budding EV ecosystem will accelerate market momentum and best enable the highest degree of customer satisfaction with this new technology product—the electric vehicle.