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Fortnightly Magazine - January 2012


Renewable Energy Group signed a contract to supply biofuel processed from waste oil to Hawaiian Electric’s Campbell generating station.

Hawaiian Electric selected Renewable Energy Group (REG) to supply biodiesel for Hawaiian Electric’s 110-MW combustion turbine generator at Campbell Industrial Park Generating Station, the first utility-scale combustion turbine that runs entirely on biodiesel. REG already supplies biodiesel to the generating station, and under the new contract—subject to state regulatory review—will continue supplying 3 to 7 million gallons of fuel each year for three additional years. REG’s biodiesel is processed from used cooking oil and waste animal fats.

The Shaw Group renewed a contract with Exelon Generation to provide maintenance, modifications, and construction services to its fleet of nuclear generating plants, including 17 reactors at 10 sites—in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Shaw began providing fleet-wide nuclear maintenance service to Exelon in 2001. Details of the contract weren’t disclosed.

GE signed a long-term services agreement with Comisión Federal de la Electricidad (CFE), the Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico, covering six GE gas turbines installed for the repowering of Manzanillo Thermoelectric, the largest thermo power generation project undertaken by the Mexican government in the last two decades. Under the $200 million agreement, GE will support the performance of the gas turbines for 15 years. Six GE Frame 7FA gas turbines recently were installed at the site and the first three units were scheduled to be commissioned by the end of 2011. The full plant is expected to be running by the summer of 2012, adding 900 MW and bringing the total site output to 1,500 MW.

GE recently installed six Frame 7FA gas turbines at CFE’s Manzanillo plant, and signed a 15-year service and support agreement.

The Kent County Commissioners and Board of Education signed a 20-year contract with Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES), to build a 1.58 MW solar array to power Kent County High School, Worton Elementary School, and the Kent County Community Center. The ground-mounted system, owned by WGES, will be installed by Standard Solar on 10 acres of land owned by the board of education. The county will purchase the electricity generated under a long-term power purchase agreement with WGES. Construction began in November 2011 and is expected to be completed in late spring 2012.

EMCOR Group was awarded a contract to renovate the cogeneration facility it built originally in the early 1990s at the South District Waste Water Treatment Plant for Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department in Miami, Fla.

ENN Solar Energy and National Energy Renewable Corp. (NERC) installed a 4.3-MW photovoltaic (PV) power plant at the Edgeboro landfill in East Brunswick, N.J. The PV modules at the site use what ENN Solar calls a “floating” architecture that anchors the panels to the landfill surface without penetrating the landfill cap. 

Siemens Energy launched its new 6-MW direct drive wind turbine. The new SWT-6.0, designed for offshore sites, will be available with rotor diameters of 120 and 154 meters. Siemens says the SWT-6.0 is the lightest machine in its class, and the entire electrical system, including the medium voltage system and the full converter, is enclosed in the nacelle, allowing faster and safer onshore pre-commission testing.

EVs and Storage

Ecotality and Walmart partnered to install Blink Pedestal electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at select Walmart stores in California,