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Potential Exposure: The Long View on Credit Risk

Tools for measuring credit risk.
Jim Rich and Curtis Tange

The Perils of Ignoring Mother Nature

Experts say utilities' inconsistent approach to weather risk is costing them dearly.
Jennifer Alvey

M&A 2002: The Need for Strategic Clarity

What type of merger strategy should energy companies pursue in light of new industry uncertainties?
Richard J. Rudden and James P. Bolduc

Vertical Integration: Necessity or Distraction?

An analysis of the latest wave of unbundling, re-bundling, and convergence plays in the gas-power industries.
Dan Gabaldon and Joe Quoyeser

The Doomsday Scenario

Debt + secret triggers = another Enron.

Much the same way that bankers used to worry about a "run on the bank," where there is an overwhelming demand for liquidity that causes a solvent bank to fail, so should energy companies be worried that their use of material adverse change (MAC) clauses might trigger an overwhelming demand for liquidity that causes a once solvent energy company to fail. Of course, the banks now have the Fed to protect the financial system from a liquidity crisis. No such luck for the energy industry.

Revisiting California

Market power after two years.
Robert McCullough


Off Peak

Pack journalists feed off PG&E letter.

Off Peak

March 15 , 2002

News Analysis

A leaner bureaucracy sharpens its market-monitoring tools.
Mark Hand is senior editor at Public Utilities Fortnightly.

News Analysis



Matthew Joyce is a research associate at E Source, a membership-based research and advisory organization that is part of Platts. E Source specializes in critical strategic, marketing, and technology issues deriving from utility restructuring that face utilities, competitive entities, and customers.


The Aftermath of Alliance

What can we learn from its failure?
see map

What can we learn from its failure?

That the end of Alliance Company's RTO dreams came swiftly is clear. Whether the denial of regional transmission organization (RTO) status to Alliance means anything outside the Midwest is anything but.