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Southern California Edison

Money, Power and Trade: What You Never Knew About the Western Energy Crisis

S. A. Van Vactor and F. H. Pickel


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Docket No. EL01-47-000, Mar. 14, 2001 (F.E.R.C.).-L.A.B


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FERC Docket No. EL01-38-000, filed Feb. 14, 2001


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The California ISO offers a plan, but some fear that rules themselves are the problem.
ISO Credit Requirements.


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The Choice Not to Buy: Energy $avings and Policy Alternatives for Demand Response

What California would have saved-in real dollar figures-plus a look at pilot programs from around the country.
Steven Braithwait and Ahmad Faruqui

1 Also cited as contributing factors are the lack of long-term contracting, operating problems in the ISO and power exchange (PX) markets, and suggestions that owners of generation took advantage of the supply shortage and the design of California's wholesale power markets to exercise market power to drive prices higher.

PG&E's Hydro Workout: Can This Deal Be Saved?

For the utility, wresting its assets from PUC control is the real point.
Bill Nesbit Pacific


For the utility, wresting its assets from PUC control is the real point.

Gas & Electric Co.'s 17-month-old proposal to divest its hydro assets via auction likely is dead, a casualty of California's ongoing energy market turmoil. Despite this reality, the utility's auction proposal remained active at the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) as of press time in mid-January, even as the governor and state legislature held emergency meetings amid rolling blackouts.

News Analysis

When California cries "wolf," will its neighbors cower like sheep?
Robert McCullough

1 ISO terminology is complex and often misleading. A Stage 1 emergency occurs when the ISO does not meet its own reserve criteria. Stage 2 occurs when it cannot meet a 5 percent reserve margin. A Stage 3 takes place when it cannot meet at 1.5 percent reserve margin. An ISO emergency can take place even when local resources are available-so long as they have not been bid into its daily reserve purchasing.

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Dynegy's David Francis, vice president for western power trading, testified on Dec. 21 on why he thought the ISO was bending the rules:
Citizens' Utility Ratepayer Bd. v. Kansas Corp. Comm'n, Nos. 85,750 et al., Dec. 15, 2000 (Kan.App.)


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Distributed Generation: Doomed by Deployment Details?

The industry makes strides, but messy issues like air quality and building codes could be showstoppers.
Carl J. Levesque


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Calif. PUC Application 99-08-022, proposed decisions by Barnett (Aug. 2, 2000), Neeper (Sept. 19, 2000), and Bilas (Nov. 6, 2000)


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