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Established in 1915, Public Utilities Reports, Inc. serves the utility industry and the regulatory community by publishing significant and precedent-setting decisions of state public utility commissions. Our print publication, Public Utilities Reports, now in its Fourth Series, is currently comprised of more than 500 hard-bound volumes and contains the full text of thousands of regulatory commission decisions, as well as case synopses, headnotes, and other editorial enhancements. Public Utilities Reports also includes abstracts of hundreds of federal and state court decisions.


Now Including Expanded Coverage of Published and Unpublished Cases

PURbase DVD offers electronic access to all of the cases published in national case reporter, Public Utilities Reports, Fourth Series (PUR4th), as well as thousands of cases not selected for print publication.

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Public Utilities Reports, Fourth Series (PUR4th) brings you timely, full-text coverage of important and precedent-setting decisions of state public utility commissions. Although the primary focus of PUR4th is on state regulatory commissions, some court and federal regulatory decisions are included, either in full-text or as abstracts.

Edited in accordance with the highest standards of the legal publishing profession, PUR4th is the preferred authority on regulatory law. Each of the eight hardbound volumes of PUR4th published each year provides:

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For the most timely print coverage of commission and court decisions subscribe to PUR4th Advance Sheets. These paperback "pre-prints" are published twice-monthly and contain all of the regulatory commission and court decisions that will ultimately appear in the hardbound volumes of the PUR4th Series. The Advance Sheets allow you to stay abreast of the changing regulatory scene by providing fast access to precedent-setting decisions.

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