Fundamentals of Energy Regulation, 2nd Edition



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Topics covered include:

  • Coverage of emerging economic issues associated with restructured electric energy and capacity markets;
  • Discussions of recent U.S and international case law affecting the natural gas and electric industries;
  • Examination of cost recovery in a competitive environment, and the prudent investment standard;
  • Managing the transition to market competition;
  • Expanded coverage of electric system reliability issues, including RTO/ISO operations, day-ahead and real-time electric markets, FERC Order 2000, and transmission congestion;
  • Expanded coverage of international energy regulatory issues and government takings, including the importance of regulatory asset accounting;
  • Expanded discussion of natural gas pipeline rate setting methods, market-based rate “discounting,” pipe-on-pipe competition and the growing importance of shale gas;
  • Updated discussion of renewable energy and environmental issues;
  • Discussion of DoJ’s and FERC’s new horizontal merger guidelines.

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Table of Contents: 
Part I: Principles
Chapter 1: A Brief History of Electric and Natural Gas Regulation
Chapter 2: Economic Concepts of Regulation
Chapter 3: The Role of the Revenue Requirement
Chapter 4: Alternative Regulatory Structures
Chapter 5: Cost Measurements
Chapter 6: Cost Allocation
Chapter 7: Rate-Setting Principles and Procedures
Chapter 8: Rate and Tariff Adjustment Mechanisms
Part II: Extensions and Applications
Chapter 9: Market Power in the Electric and Natural Gas Industries
Chapter 10: Dealing With Uncertainty
Chapter 11: Environmental Regulation of the Energy Industry 
Chapter 12: Energy Markets and Electric System Reliability
Chapter 13: Regulation and Reform in International Markets
Jonathan A. Lesser, Ph.D. and Leonardo R. Giacchino, Ph.D.
Hard Cover