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Public Utilities Reports

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The New Regulatory Finance: Utilities Cost of Capital



Updated and published in 2006, New Regulatory Finance is an invaluable text for economists, accountants, CFOs, attorneys, regulators, or anyone involved in capital-related decisions. Written by a preeminent professor of finance who has testified on corporate finance and cost-of-capital issues before numerous regulatory agencies, the book reflects on the changes in the utility industry and associated impacts on capital markets.

New Regulatory Finance takes often-complex subject matter and transforms it into terms more easily understood. Drawing on case studies and examples, it helps take the mystery out of estimating a company's cost of capital and deriving an optimal capital structure.

Areas covered include: Rate of Return Regulation, Risk and Return, Risk Estimation in Practice, Discounted Cash Flows, DCF Application, Floatation Cost Adjustment, Alternative DCF Models, DCF Applications and Comparable Groups, Reflection on Cost of Capital Methodology, Market-to-Book And Q-Ratios, Risk Premium, Capital Asset Pricing Model, CAPM Extensions, Divisional Cost of Capital and CAPM Applications, Arbitrage Pricing Model, Comparable Earnings, Weighted Average Cost of Capital, Capital Structure Issues, Optimal Capital Structure, Double Leverage, Alternative Regulatory Frameworks and more.

Includes CD-ROM containing spreadsheets, worksheets and formulas

AVAILABILITY: This title usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks.

Copyright © 2006

by Roger Morin
Hard Cover, Approx. 575 pages.