Utility Regulatory News

The only weekly newsletter providing timely coverage of regulatory topics at the state level.
The regulation of public utilities has become increasingly complex. Utility Regulatory News is here to keep readers informed of breaking news, policy developments and regulatory trends.
Our expert staff conducts a weekly survey of the many decisions issued by commissions and courts from around the country. Then we deliver key points from the most important cases directly to your desktop once a week.
Industry sectors: ■ Electric ■ Natural gas ■ Telecommunications ■ Water
Key topics: ■ Revenue decoupling ■ Renewable portfolio standards ■ Service reliability ■ Mergers and acquisitions ■ Rates and ratemaking ■ Quality of service ■ Smart grid deployment
You can rely on Utility Regulatory News to offer both the overview and the details you need to keep up-to-date with the latest thinking at regulatory agencies.
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