Utility Regulatory News


Utility Regulatory News (URN) – the only weekly newsletter devoted to the regulation of public utilities at the state level.

It is the one place to look for:

  • Full coverage of the most important regulatory decisions affecting the telecommunications, electric, natural gas and water industries
  • Concise reports of important decisions by state public utility commissions across the nation
  • Developments in the state and federal courts as well as federal utility regulatory agencies

URN stands in a unique position to keep its readers informed on the leading regulatory decisions of the day. As a long time reporter of case law in the regulatory field—through our well-known PUC case reporter Public Utilities Reports 4th series—our editorial staff makes it their business to review the vast number of decisions issued by the state PUCs, the state and federal courts and the federal regulatory agencies. We identify the key rulings, the ones carrying long-term impact, the ones most likely to affect your work. Then we deliver what you need to know directly to your desktop every week.

Those of us who watch the complex workings of regulation know that legal and economic policy trends often cross industry boundaries. Whether it’s restructuring of the telecom or energy markets or checking whether water service is adequate and the price is fair, URN will keep you informed of the important work of each of the utility regulatory agencies across the United States.

Let our staff do the work while you reap the benefits!

Editorial Staff