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Fortnightly Magazine - February 15 1995

Old Age Warrants Facelift for Stranded Costs

David P. Wagener

The year-long decline in the electric utility stock market has caught most market observers off guard. Picking the winners among electrics has become more difficult. Says Ed Tirello, long-time market savant and utility equity analyst at NatWest Securities, "Competition and retail wheeling have made the selection process nearly impossible short term."

To identify tomorrow's best industry performers, electric utility analysts have focused on generation.

FEC Questions Derivative Use

Lori A. Burkhart

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will allow Aquila Power Corp., a power marketing subsidiary of UtiliCorp United Inc., to sell electricity at market-based rates, and has approved open-access transmission tariffs for UtiliCorp (Docket Nos. ER95-203-000 and ER95-216-000). Commissioner William L.