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Marketers Demand Generic Comparability

Fortnightly Magazine - April 1 1995

Six major independent power marketers, calling themselves the Coalition for a Competitive Electric Market, have asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to begin broad-based, competitive reforms of the nation's electric service industry by winter 1996-97. Ultimately, they want the FERC to force all electric utilities that own transmission wires to allow marketers and other transmission-dependent power sellers and buyers to use their lines on a comparable basis. They also asked the FERC to develop minimum contact standards for an electronic bulletin board that would provide all transmission users with real-time information on transmission service availability. The marketers behind the petition are Equitable Power Service Co., Coastal Electric Service Co., Electric Clearinghouse Inc., Enron Power Marketing Inc., Destec Power Services Inc., and Valero Power Services Co.


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