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IntraLATA Dialing Parity Spreading

Fortnightly Magazine - May 1 1995

To further competition in the state's telephone industry, the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) has decided to require local exchange telephone carriers (LECs) to offer intraLATA presubscription as part of the access services provided for competitors in the toll-call market. It found the lack of "1+" dialing parity (experienced by customers who choose interexchange carriers (IXCs) rather than LECs for intraLATA toll calling) a competitive barrier that could be removed without diminshing access to basic telephone service for Florida consumers. According to the PSC, market stimulation and increased demand for access associated with the new dialing capabilities would mitigate any possible negative impact on rates for local service. Re Investigation into IntraLATA Presubscription, Docket No. 930330-TP, Order No. PSC-95-0203-FOF-TP, Feb. 13, 1995 (Fla.P.S.C.).

The Michigan Public Service Commission had directed state telecommunications LECs to begin converting facilities to provide intraLATA dialing parity. In an earlier order, the Michigan commission had found that the capability of dialing a single digit to initiate an intraLATA long-distance call, whether the service is provided by an LEC or an IXC, was necessary for effective competition. It delayed implementation, however, until such time as federal law permits LECs to provide interLATA toll service or until January 1, 1996. With the final deadline approaching, the commission rejected proposals to delay implementation and directed the LECs to begin work on the conversion schedules. It also concluded that the LECs should recover the conversion costs through a monthly, per-line "equal access recovery charge" assessed on both IXCs and the state's primary LECs. MCI Telecommunications Corp. v. Ameritech Michigan et al., Case No. U-10138, March 10, 1995 (Mi.P.S.C.).


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