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Fortnightly Magazine - June 1 1995

Customer Focus: Price or Service?

Donald Pardus

Donald Pardus

Chairman & CEO

Eastern Utilities Associates

Eastern Utilities is committed to creating a company and a culture that goes beyond just delivering electricity. Our primary goal is to compete not just on price but on the value of the total service provided. Customers are the driving force in any competitive marketplace, and our commitment to our present and future customers is to deliver services that the customer values and needs.

Power Marketers: Friend or Foe?

PpErroll Davis, Jr.President & CEOWPL Holdings, Inc. and Wisconsin Power and Light Co.

In our vision of the future, today's distribution function will be divided into two companies (em a poles and wire function and a merchant function. The merchant company would provide value-added products and services to the customer. We have used credit cards, branding, and other marketing gimmicks to sell our services, particularly demand-side management (DSM). In the future, however, I think there will be greater emphasis on the types of energy-purchasing alternatives we provide. Pricing options are one offering that we would expect to expand.

Let's End the Monopoly


My subject today is regulation and competition in the electric utility industry.

You all know only too well what's happened to this industry in the last decade or so: Inflation accelerated, interest rates rose, productivity growth slowed, fuel prices rose dramatically, growth in demand stopped, and the cost of meeting environmental and safety regulations soared. For utilities that was truly a devil's brew.


Bruce W. Radford

It was after seven o'clock in the evening (em nearly 12 hours since the DOE-NARUC Second National Electricity Forum had gotten underway up in Providence, RI (em when it all finally hit home. This time the regulators were serious. People were paying attention.