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FERC's Mega-NOPR: The IOUs Respond

Fortnightly Magazine - March 1 1996

Western Resources

... All Those Opposed

Allegheny Power

Baltimore G & E

Carolina P & L

Cent. Hudson G & E

Con Edison

Dayton P & L

Detroit Edison

Minnesota P & L

No. Indiana PS

No. States Power

Ohio Edison

South Carolina E & G

Union Electric

Virginia Electric & Power

1. Promoting Wholesale Competition through Open-Access Nondiscriminatory Trans. Servs. by Pub. Utils.; Recovery of Stranded Costs by Pub. Utils. and Transmitting Utils., Notice and Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, IV FERC Stats. & Regs., Proposed Regulations, (pp 32,514 (1995), 60 Fed.Reg. 17,662 (Apr. 7, 1995).

2. Of course, many trade associations and other ad hoc groups of IOUs filed their own sets of comments. This article focuses on issues that individual IOUs felt strongly enough to comment on separately.


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