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Transmission Tariffs: Still Pro Forma? Locational Pricing and the Federal Power Act

Fortnightly Magazine - May 1 1996

the guaranteed recovery of stranded costs, however, creates strange bedfellows indeed. But perhaps the jargon that surrounds TCCs will sufficiently mask their true effect: economic efficiency bought with the political necessity of stranded-cost recovery. And perhaps the FERC may be persuaded simul-taneously to embrace market value for transmission rights

and cost recovery for stranded generation. t

Stephen Teichler is a partner at the law firm of Metzger, Hollis, Gordon & Alprin, Washington, DC, specializing in domestic and international energy law. He last appeared in PUBLIC UTILITIES FORTNIGHTLY as co-author (with Sheila Hollis) of "Collision or Coexistence: The FERC, the CPUC, and Electric Restructuring," Oct. 1, 1995, p. 19.

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