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In Brief...

Fortnightly Magazine - October 1 1996

Sound bites from state and federal regulators.

Economic Development Rates. Michigan rescinds existing guidelines for economic development rates in favor of "case-by-case" development and review. Case No. U-11065, July 16, 1996 (Mich.P.S.C.).

Least-cost Planning. Maine considers repeal of obsolete portions of its least-cost planning regulations for electric utilities. Dkt. No. 96-371, July 9, 1996 (Me.P.U.C.).

Gas System Acquisitions. Alabama allows Alabama Gas Corp. to buy municipal gas distribution system and include purchase price in rates. Dkt. No. 25467, July 8, 1996 (Ala.P.S.C.).

Time-of-Use Rates. New York authorizes Orange & Rockland Utilities Inc. to continue a mandatory residential electric time-of-use rate program, but requests analysis of increase in heat pump bills. Case 91-E-0450, May 9, 1996 (N.Y.P.S.C.).

Load Management. Florida trims level of demand credits that Florida Power Corp. may apply to bills under curtailable and interruptible service programs and restricts eligibility to customers with a minimum demand of 500 Kw. Dkt. No. 950645-EI, Order No. PSC-96-0842-FOF-EI, July 1, 1996 (Fla.P.S.C.).

Environmental Impact Statement. New York concludes that competitive electric restructuring will increase air emissions and undermine energy-efficiency efforts as well as funding for research on environmental and renewable resource issues. Case 94-E-0952, May 3, 1996 (N.Y.P.S.C.). t


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