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In Brief...

Fortnightly Magazine - January 1 1997

does not qualify as a regulated utility service. No. 15017, Sept. 17, 1996, 682 A.2d 547 (Conn.App.).

Telecom Briefs

Rate Deaveraging. Minnesota denies request by Sherburne County Rural Telephone Co. for geographic deaveraging of local exchange telephone rates, citing commitment to universal service. and finding no need to change despite claims of emerging competition. Docket No.

P-427/M-95-1128, Sept. 11, 1996 (Minn.P.U.C.).

Cable TV Franchises. Connecticut awards statewide cable TV franchise to SNET Personal Vision, Inc., rejecting arguments that it should not depart from the existing framework of town-based franchises. Docket No. 96-01-24, Sept. 25, 1996 (Conn.D.P.U.C.).

Access Charges. Florida directs all local exchange telephone carriers who charge higher access fees for intrastate switched-access than for comparable interstate access to reduce intrastate tariffs by at least 5% per year. Interexchange carriers must pass on the savings by cutting long-distance rates. Docket No. 960910-TP, Order No. PSC-1265-FOF-TP, Oct. 8, 1996 (Fla.P.S.C.).

Prepaid Calling Cards. Florida will force certification for companies that create prepaid debit cards for long-distance telephone calling, but not for marketing agents who only distribute the cards with no control over service. Docket No. 960254-TI, Order No. PSC-96-1224-FOF-TI, Sept. 26, 1996 (Fla.P.S.C.).

Restructuring Briefs

Electric Unbundling. Nevada issues preliminary report on electric restructuring, noting points for further study: 1) unbundling of retail services, 2) utilities as "default" service providers, 3) cost allocation among unbundled functions, and 4) unbundling cost of capital. Docket No. 95-9022, 12th Procedural Order, Sept. 18, 1996 (Nev.P.S.C).

Gas Holding Companies. New York ok's plan to reorganize Brooklyn Union Gas Co. as subsidiary of KeySpan Energy Corp., a new holding company, subject to "sunset review," a rate cut and freeze, and customer service standards. Case 95-G-0761, Opin. No. 96-26, Sept. 26, 1996 (N.Y.P.S.C.). t


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