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Why Special Contract Discounts are Good For Electric Competition

Fortnightly Magazine - May 15 1997

that defense, if a customer is offered a special deal by a competitor, a company, dealing in good faith, can meet that competitor's terms to retain that customer even if the same terms were not offered to its other customers. %n17%n This defense is specifically written into the text of the Robinson-Patman Act. %n18%n

Despite the hue and cry raised against special contract discounts, opponents have yet to muster proof that such discounts injure customers. t

Paul F. Hanzlik is a partner at Hopkins & Sutter, where he specializes in representing electric utilities with respect to demonstrating the prudence of management conduct, emerging competitive issues and certification of new energy facilities. David B. Goroff is a partner at Hopkins & Sutter, where he specializes in antitrust law with a particular focus on deregulated industries.

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