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Kilowatts by Choice, Ready or Not

Fortnightly Magazine - November 1 1997

PUR4th 1, and Decision 97-08-056, Aug. 1, 1996 (Calif.P.U.C.).

2See Internet site: "Registered Electric Service Providers," accessible through Calif. PUC home page, at

3H.P. 1274 - L.D. 1804, "An Act to Restructure the State's Electric Industry." Full text available at


5Re Restructuring of the Electric Industry Case No. u-11-290, June 5, 1997, 177 PUR4th 201 (Mich. P.S.C.).

6S.B. 390, An Act Generally Establishing Restructuring Requirements for Montana's Electric Utility Industry, also known as Montana Electric Utility Industry Restructuring and Consumer Choice Act." Full text available at

7The state public service commission may extend that deadline two more years if it finds that retail choice is not administratively feasible, or that workable competition is lacking. Also, the act allows Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. to defer choice for its customers until 2006.

8Re Montana Power Co., Docket No. d97.7.90, Order No. 5986b, Aug. 15, 1997 (Mont.P.S.C.).

9Re PacifiCorp, Docket No. d97.7.91, July 10, 1997.

10Allegheny Pwr. Co., Docket No. p-00971172; Duquesne Light Co., Docket No. p-00971175; Metropolitan Edison Co., Docket No. p-00971168; Pennsylvania Pwr. Co., Docket No. p-00971173; PECO Energy Co.,Docket No. p-00971170; Pennsylvania Elec. Co., Docket No. p-00971169; Penn. P&L Co., Docket No. p-00971183; and UGI Co., Docket No. p-00971171 (all orders approved Aug. 21, 1997, entered Aug. 29, 1997). See generally,

eleclist.htm. For order adopting guidelines for pilot programs, see, Re Elec. Gen. Customer Choice & Competition Act (em Retail Access Pilot Programs, Docket No. m-00960890, Mar. 16, 1997 176 PUR4th 1 (Pa.P.U.C.).


12Re Washington Water Power Co., Order No. 26884, April 10, 1997, 177 PUR4th 194 (Idaho P.U.C.); Re Idaho Power Co., Case ipc-e-95-15, Order No. 26872, Apr. 7, 1997 (Idaho P.U.C.).


14These deadlines modify earlier deadlines recommended in January. See, Re The Energy Master Plan, Phase II, Docket No. ex94120585y, Jan. 16, 1997, 1997 wl 40737 (N.J.B.P.U.).

15Re The Energy Master Plan, Phase II, Docket No. ex94120585y, July 11, 1997, 1997 wl 410517 (N.J.B.P.U.).

16Re GPU Energy, Docket No. eo96120856, July 7, 1997 (N.J.B.P.U.).

17Re Dairylea Co-op., Inc., Case 94-e-0385, Feb. 17, 1997, 175 PUR4th 428 (N.Y.P.S.C.), order denying reconsideration, May 22, 1997, 178 PUR4th 319.

18Wash. UTC v. Puget Sound Energy Co., Docket No. ue-971102, Aug. 14, 1997 (Wash.U.T.C.).

19See Docket No. ue-102..R2


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