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Rethinking WEPEX: What's Wrong with Least Cost?

Fortnightly Magazine - January 1 1998

Co., General Public Utilities Corp. (working with the supporting companies of the PJM proposal), Duquesne Light Co., Electricity Corporation of New Zealand, National Independent Energy Producers, New York Power Pool, New York Utilities Collaborative, Niagara Mohawk Corp., San Diego Gas & Electric Corp., Trans Power of New Zealand, and Wisconsin Electric Power Co. The views presented here are not necessarily attributable to any of those mentioned. Any remaining errors are solely the responsibility of the author.

1 William W. Hogan, "To Pool or Not To Pool: A Distracting Debate," Public Utilities Fortnightly, Jan. 1, 1995, p. 24.

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5 California Independent System Operator, "Dispatch Protocol," Oct. 31, 1997, p. 24-25. See especially paragraphs (d) and (h), which marks the tip of an iceberg that has not been fully formed.

6 See FERC Order, note 3, supra, especially page 97, under "2. Balanced Schedules and Usage Charge."


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