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Setting EDI Standards: Business Beats Technology

Fortnightly Magazine - February 15 1999

against too much definition, but it favored EDI over technology-laden standards, like C12.19.

Back at the UIG, Peter Byrne summed it up: "We see us fitting in with the PUCs in keeping the costs down. If this whole process ends up being more expensive for customers, then we've failed."

Bruce W. Radford is editor of Public Utilities Fortnightly.

The PUC Process Testing and confirmation continues nonstop.

California. Orders EDI on trial basis by Sept. 1, with full compliance by Feb. 1, 2000. Decision 98-12-080, Dec. 17, 1998.

Connecticut. Adopts report of working group proposing UIG EDI standards by Jan. 1, 2000. Utilities must provide historic customer usage on supplier request, but not interval data. Dkt. No. 98-06-17, Jan. 13, 1999.

Massachusetts. Working group recommends EDI standards based on UGI guidelines, Apr. 18, 1998, and issues additional reports modifying standards. Group reportedly expanding EDI standards to encompass gas restructuring. See

New Hampshire. Working group submits consensus EDI plan. DR 96-150. Apr. 2, 1998. As of January 1999, PUC staff believed to be working on draft initial proposal for EDI, metering requirements. DRM 98-050, DRM 98-051.

New York. Adopts staff recommendation to set up collaborative working group, to achieve EDI implementation during spring 1999. Case 98-M-0667, July 15, 1998.

Pennsylvania. PUC adopts and modifies EDI standards in four recent orders. Dkt. No. M- 00960890F.0015, June 18, 1998, Aug. 18, 1998, Sept. 17, 1998, Nov. 4, 1998. Adopts rules allowing for advance meter deployment, on joint request by customer and supplier, but no mandate for competitive metering. Dkt. No. L-00970128, 189 PUR4th 162, Oct. 19, 1998.


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