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Fortnightly Magazine - February 15 2000

Tomorrow will bring more battles. Swallow hard on a bad decision and then begin immediately to mend the relationship. Don't fight a "take no prisoners" battle. I always consider the commission to be like a china shop. No one would put up with a bull thrashing around the china shop; you might get thrown out completely, which is the last thing you want.

* * *

These simple suggestions sound like common sense. Yet you would be amazed at how many times they are not followed - not out of evil intent but often out of the pressure of the business of the day. If you master these rules (and the subtleties behind them), however, you can have a successful relationship with your state PUC that can advance your particular interest and, it is hoped, the public interest as well. I wish you luck.

Craig Glazer is a commissioner at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. He served as PUC chairman under three Ohio governors, from April 1991 through April 1999. Glazer chairs the National Council on Competition in the Electric Industry, and is also a member of the Generation Adequacy Committee of the North American Electricity Reliability Council, and the Advisory Council of the Electric Power Research Institute. His current term at the PUC runs through April 2001.


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