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News Digest

Fortnightly Magazine - October 15 2000

the Gas Industry Standards Board , allowing companies in the high-tech, gas, and utility industries to extend their e-commerce reach by using XML (eXtensible markup language) and the Internet to align business processes among their supply chain partners. "Integration solutions based on key industry standards are crucial if buyers and sellers expect to draw upon both internal and external information resources for maximum benefit," said Steve Scala, GXS's vice president of integration solutions.

Enron North America and Swiss Re New Markets have applied risk capital management techniques to arrange a $102 million oil and gas production loan on behalf of a client in the exploration and production sector. Developed jointly with Enron's Global Risk Markets group, the financing employed a combination of derivatives, insurance, and bank credit to finance future production of 160 billion cubic feet over a five-year period from a portfolio of working interests in fields located primarily in Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico.

Reliant Energy has formed Reliant Energy Renewables Inc. , an unregulated affiliate of Reliant Energy Wholesale Group , and started two major Texas renewable energy projects that will produce electricity for the state's consumers using wind power and methane gas extracted from landfills. The wind power project is the largest single installation of its kind in the world, and the methane gas-to-electricity generation project will involve 12 existing landfill sites in Texas. Plans call for Reliant Energy to begin purchasing electricity from both projects by fourth-quarter 2001.

Convergent Group Corp. has completed a Digital Utility road map and signed a new contract with Boston-based NSTAR that forms the foundation for Convergent to integrate energy delivery and business operations across the four utilities that make up the NSTAR enterprise. NSTAR is the parent company of Boston Edison , Commonwealth Gas , Commonwealth Electric , and Cambridge Electric , with a combined customer base of 1.3 million people.

The Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium has been selected by the Canadian government to help increase the market in Canada for geoexchange (also called geothermal heating and cooling) technology. The consortium will work with Natural Resources of Canada , a Canadian government department that specializes in the areas of energy, minerals and metals, forest, and earth sciences.

DTE Energy Technologies , an unregulated subsidiary of DTE Energy Co. , has signed agreements with Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. and Turbo Genset Co. Ltd. , of the United Kingdom, for the development of a 400-kW turbine generator. The new high-efficiency product, the "energy/now turbine-generator," model ENT 4000, is targeted for distributed generation applications for small- to medium-sized commercial customers and micro-grids serving both residential and commercial development projects.


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