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Superconductors: Coming Soon to a Grid Near You?

Transmission constraints and technology developments may hasten emerging applications.
Fortnightly Magazine - January 15 2001

says Haldar, the superconducting transformers-which, unlike conventional transformers, require no oil, eliminating at least one environmental issue-do not wear down when running at peak loads for long periods of time, as do conventional transformers.

IGC apparently is so confident that the hunger for superconductor applications in energy will keep expanding that it is perfectly content to wait out the three or four years before diving into the market. "There is definitely room for more than one player in this industry," Haldar says.

Several big players overseas have the same idea. The nascent industry also includes Siemens and Vacuumschmeltze out of Germany, Denmark's NKT, and Japan's Sumitomo Electric and Hitachi.

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