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Fortnightly Magazine - January 15 2002

Resource Planning: The Need for a New Approach

New market risks have called on utilities to evaluate an expanding array of new resource options-with antiquated tools to evaluate them.
Jonathan Lesser Ph.D., is a senior managing economist with Navigant Consulting Inc. Stephen Derby Ph.D., is a director with Navigant Consulting Inc. William Clarke is a director with Navigant Consulting Inc.

The Perils of Greenfield Gas Development

Presenting a fair and simple distributed generation plan for utilities and policy-makers.
Richard S. Brent

Presenting a fair and simple distributed generation plan for utilities and policy-makers.

Distributed generation (DG) continues to face many institutional barriers erected before the technology emerged as an economic alternative. Chief among these barriers are existing rate and regulatory regimes, which fail to offer appropriate incentives to utilities and customers who might otherwise substitute DG facilities for distribution and generation.

Pat Packs a Punch

FERC's new chairman runs roughshod over a reeling industry.

The defining moment came late in the morning, Wednesday, Dec. 19, at the last meeting of the year for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. That's when the TV cameraman spied former FERC chair Betsy Moler sitting in the audience, and trained his lens on her. As she looked up, she saw her image staring back from the flat-screen monitors scattered about the hearing room. But her shoulders were slumping. The cameraman could not know that the commissioners up at the head table had just stabbed her in the heart.


Richard L. Rudman has been named to the new position of executive vice president at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Rudman joined EPRI in 1973, and was named COO in 1996.


Outlook for Power in North America 2001

What a difference a year makes.

As 2000 ended, wholesale power markets were subject to skyrocketing natural gas prices and a high-profile energy crisis in California. Power producers were licking their chops at what looked like high-price, high-volatility market conditions.


Taking a different view on merchant development.
Public Utilities Fortnightly

Taking a different view on merchant development.

The Nov. 15 issue of included an article entitled "Power Shortages? Fuhgeddaboutit!" The article, by Betsy S. Vaninetti of RDI Consulting, projects a glut of generation capacity in the United States. "As things now stand, overbuilding is the real concern," Vaninetti wrote.

News Analysis

Industry experts debate whether so-called "price mitigation measures" miraculously solved the California crisis.
see Figure 1

News Analysis


Off Peak

Hollywood animators take a jab at the energy crisis.

The Rift Over Affiliate Conduct

Does FERC have the backbone for another jurisdictional turf war?
Mark Hand is senior editor for Public Utilities Fortnightly.