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Fortnightly Magazine - February 15 2002


Douglas M. Logan is a Principal with Platts/RDI Consulting in Boulder, Colorado.



The industry has moved beyond the debate.
Public Utilities Fortnightly


News Analysis

With a nascent emissions market, U.S. companies may not be so grateful they're out of the club.
Jennifer Alvey is associate editor at Public Utilities Fortnightly.

News Analysis

Off Peak

Not everyone in the industry runs at 100 percent capacity.

Off Peak

February 15, 2002

The V2G Concept: A New Model for Power?

Connecting utility infrastructure and automobiles.
Steven E. Letendre, Ph.D., and Willett Kempton, Ph.

Alec Brooks, Tom Gage, 2001, "Integration of Electric Drive Vehicles with the Electric Power Grid - a New Value Stream". Paper presented at the 18th International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition, 20-24 October 2001, Berlin, Germany. (Full written version available from

The Aftermath of Alliance

What can we learn from its failure?
see map

What can we learn from its failure?

That the end of Alliance Company's RTO dreams came swiftly is clear. Whether the denial of regional transmission organization (RTO) status to Alliance means anything outside the Midwest is anything but.

Gas-Power Infrastructure: The Missing Link?

Presenting an option to solving electric transmission congestion.
Ron Hrehor and Don Sytsma

The Energy Tech Chronicles: Will Bust Turn to Boom?

Overcoming many obstacles, energy technology continues to have potential.
see main story

California: Beginning Anew

The 2002 rhetoric sounds like pro-electric competition, but is it too little, too late?

It's no secret that Californians like happy endings. Just look at most Hollywood movies, which like to tie up the story's loose ends in less than two hours (usually). But in its recent efforts to tie up the loose ends left from the California Crisis, is the state setting itself up for a sequel, California Crisis II: A Not So Beautiful Market.