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Forgetting Someone, Mr. Secretary?

The DOE's new hydrogen car initiative won't get very far without electric utilities.

Fortnightly Magazine - February 1 2002

2020. The company predicts it might not happen for at least three decades. Furthermore, the countries that would have a favorable generation mix for electrolysis would be Brazil, Canada, Norway and Sweden. Europe still uses considerable amounts of coal in its mix. All of the other nations would produce more greenhouse gas emissions with electrolysis than by burning gasoline in current vehicles. ().

It would seem that gas executives will be at the hydrogen infrastructure table far sooner than their electric counterparts. Of course, the race to develop a hydrogen infrastructure hasn't even begun, and if Mr. Abraham doesn't offer a clear timeline, appropriate funding, or a realistic plan, we may never live to see the so-called hydrogen economy.


See Fortnightly's upcoming Feb. 15 issue on energy technology for more info