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Three-Legged Stool

The smart money now treats transmission as a player. Just like generation. Just like load.

Fortnightly Magazine - April 15 2002

"If in fact there's loop flows within your footprint [and] if they're only contained within your footprint, it makes sense for an ITC to help manage those loop flows rather than the RTO."

Delgado: "We do direct, hand-on switching of the system. ... There's a lot of localized problems that my operators deal with ... that MISO does not worry about. ...

"We are the hands-on operators."

And Midwest ISO operations director William Phillips seemed comfortable with that:

"We expect to have numerous operating procedures that will have already been worked out between the Midwest ISO and member systems, whether they be ITCs or control areas ... And they will in fact sometimes be oriented toward increasing or continuing the desired throughput. ..."

Yet MISO has not yet devised a bid-based spot market. It has not yet walked the walk-something that Massey saw right away:

"If this agency were to define an RTO function similar to what Larry Ruff suggested this morning, as a function where you operate the integrated dispatch along with the market operation function, built around locational marginal pricing and financial transmission rights, does the ... division of authority work under MISO under that market design, or would it have to be amended?"

So yes, we know where FERC is heading.