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Fortnightly Magazine - May 15 2002

The Production Tax Credit: Getting More Credit Than It's Due?

State government may have done more for wind power than PTC ever did.
Dr. Jeff Price

Potential Exposure: The Long View on Credit Risk

Tools for measuring credit risk.
Jim Rich and Curtis Tange

Biting Pat Wood's Hand

FERC finds the states have teeth, too.

FERC Chairman Pat Wood ought to be commended for trying to extend a hand of cooperation to state PUCs. But certainly he must by now understand that the nature of the state regulator, as the nature of the wolf, is unchangeable.


EPSA exec rebukes McCullough's claims.


Another Take on California

EPSA exec rebukes McCullough's claims.

Dear Editor,

If the issues confronting California's ratepayers weren't so important, it would be easy to say that Robert McCullough's efforts () are best published on April Fools Day.




Off Peak

The customer is always right.

Off Peak

May 15 , 2002

The Perils of Ignoring Mother Nature

Experts say utilities' inconsistent approach to weather risk is costing them dearly.
Jennifer Alvey

Weather on the Buy Side: A Technical Overview

How energy companies can hedge against the weather.
Jay Lindgren, Ph.D.


Cape Cod: Twisting in the Wind?

Wind developers face a backlash from citizens.
Jay S. Polachek