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Technology Corridor

How software controls can bridge the gap between wholesale market prices and consumer behavior.
Fortnightly Magazine - May 15 2003

local DER emissions production.

Nevertheless, to achieve this level of coordinated operation, a reasonable and fair emissions tariff must be integrated into the market system so that the electric power supplied from the DER will be valued appropriately considering the net emissions reduction. This tariff could even be a function of time, season, and location, so the tariff would be most attractive at the worst pollution times and locations. It would provide a stimulus to the EMS to dispatch the DER at the optimum power level for minimizing net emissions, and at times which are the most favorable for minimizing the impact from emissions.

Microturbines generally achieve their lowest emissions release levels at operating levels at or near 100 percent of rated power output. That means, fortunately, that the EMS can dispatch the microturbine to supply heat to a process system at its full rating, and the electric power can be supplied with minimum emissions.

Yet minimizing emissions will require rapid and precise control of the combustion process. This rapid, expert control is best provided by the manufacturer's own control system, and not by the EMS. Factors the EMS may consider are emission production versus power level, and displaced emissions for both the heat output and electric power output.

Sample Vendors: Small-Scale Systems

  1. Tridium, Inc. (
    (Offering Vykon System; Jace-NP®-Java Application Control Engine.)
  2. Engage Network Solutions (
    (Active Energy Management System; Dgen)
  3. Sutron (
  4. Encorp (
    (Virtual Power PlantTM)
  5. Invensys Energy Solutions (
    (Barber-Colman DYNA Products; Premier Power Solutions)
  6. Wonderware (
    (InTouchTM, InControlTM)
  7. Capstone
    (CRMS-Capstone Remote Monitoring System; Power SERVER CPS 100)

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