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Generation Roundtable: Power Flux

Generators struggle to plan for the future as they cope with an unstable present.
Fortnightly Magazine - December 2003

own, to prepare and sustain us for the next 50 years, or we will have dysfunction and disconnect that put our economy and competitive advantages at risk.

For example, rather than trying to usher in competitive markets on a global NOPR basis, it might make more sense for the FERC to move to a regional-centric form of regulation, market monitoring and enforcement to make sure markets are workable. If the markets are truly regional, then we need to bring regulators out to the regional marketplace, like the DOE or EPA regional offices. You can't sit and manage the markets exclusively in D.C., so that is likely to need to change in the future.

Unfortunately we don't act in a visionary manner until we are in crisis. Then we take action, but it's not always as effective as we can be

We need integrated solutions to service the needs of an increasingly electrified economy, increasing imports and globalization, and the escalating need for efficiency. It's not all about gas, coal, or nuclear. It's not my state versus yours, gas versus electric, DG versus the centralized grid. We have a tendency to look at these issues in absolutist terms and solely focus on the past, and that kind of thinking is holding us back.

We need to understand these issues now on a regional, hemispheric, and global basis-driven by the customer and services and products they demand, and not the products of the '70s. We need more forward-thinking, visionary thinking and strategies to sustain the world's most reliable power system into the future.

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