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What is an Advanced Meter?

Fortnightly Magazine - September 2004

the meter. They are capable of calculating daily load usage, demand, TOU, and critical-tier usage data. This data is available to both the consumer and service provider locally at the meter via the meter display. The data can also be transmitted to remote metering automation or collection systems. Even though these meters store and transmit billing data, they can also record interval data for load studies, but interval data is not needed for the acquisition of daily energy usage and complex forms of billing data.

These meters give utilities choices in how they set up their demand-response programs. Meters can be programmed to operate as:

  • TOU meters with blocks of time;
  • Meters that measure time-differentiated usage;
  • Load profile meters; and
  • Meters with dynamic TOU that have defined blocks of time that can be changed daily.
  • Additional functionality includes:

  • Scheduled and on-request remote meter reading services for billing or other data needs;
  • Advanced energy measurement options, including energy in (delivered); energy out (received), sum, and net metering;
  • Implementation of consumption, demand, TOU and critical-tier pricing rates, with no on-site visits for reprogramming or meter change-outs required;
  • Load profiling of selected meter locations;
  • Tamper indications and alarms;
  • Remote connect and disconnect in the meter; and
  • Demand limiting in the meter.
  • Meters with this advanced metering or smart metering technology can be deployed on metering automation systems that are available today. These systems are designed to meet the needs of utilities in both regulated and deregulated markets and are suitable for either large-scale deployments or targeted applications.

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